Friday, April 23, 2010

Subversion: How to revert to a previous revision

Assume that your current revision is 100 and you want to revert the repository to the revision 90. Then you can use the following command,
$ svn merge -rHEAD:90 .
As you have used . at the end, it will revert your local repository. Once commited you will get a new revision such as 101 which is same as revision 90. You can do this directly to a remote repository as well. In that case, replace . with repository url.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

GCE O/L, A/L and Grade V Examination Results

Do you want to view O/L, A/L and Grade V results a bit earlier than lets us. I have tried it when it says, "New Await Results". You can do this using firebug addon on firefox. lets us to check previous result too. These are displayed by the "New Await Results" table. So what you need to do is first select one of those forms and change action url to exam_OL.jsp, exam_AL.jsp or exam_GV.jsp as appropriate. You would also need to change the size/maxLength of the inputput field as well. Otherwise it won't let us to insert our full index number. That's all, fill it with your index number, submit and get your results. You can also do a http POST using your own form as well.

Attention : I am not responsible for the accuracy of results as might not have officialy released the results when you use this.